(Kindergarten, commercial and office space; Vevey, Switzerland; 2011; collaboration with ARUP)

The prime location of this multifunctional building (offices, nursery, commercial space) at one of the main entrances to Vevey, next to the headquarters of Nestlé, by the shores of Lake Léman, informed the urban identity of the proposal. The building responds to these conditions through a compact and clean L-shaped 5-storey-high block emerging out of a ground-floor socle, whose outward façades face the most prominent streets and whose concave inward façades protect an elevated garden and new plaza from the noise of the surroundings.

On ground floor each of the façades gives access to the different parts of the programme (office lobby from the Nestlé roundabout, commercial space from Avenue du Général Guisan, nursery from the quiet new plaza on the south). The whole commercial surface is located on ground floor, as well as the entrance lobby to the offices and the administration and reception of the nursery. The main spaces of the nursery, accessible through a panoramic ramp (an "interior street") that winds around the outer façade, are located on first floor and are in direct contact with the elevated south-facing garden. The rest of the floors are dedicated to open-plan office spaces. Their L-shaped configuration, with two wings articulated around a central core, permits a versatile and flexible arrangement of different units of diverse aspect and size.

The vitreous character of the façade gives a sense of unity to a building of great programmatic heterogeneity and helps integrate it with the neighboring Nestlé headquarters. Environmental and lighting comfort aspects have informed the depth and character of the glazing mullions which act as bris-soleils.



Site Plan  

Ground Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

North Elevation