(Visionary proposals for not-so-distant urban scenarios, 2007, collaboration with Diegro Gronda and Clara Mata)

The scarcity of water due to global warming is gradually becoming a prime concern in cities. The ornamental notion of water features in cities (lakes, ponds, fountains) has become anachronic in an age when people flee in their millions for a short swim in the sea.

As opposed to the static and often monumental landmarks, the watermarks project questions the way we experience water in our cities and our contemporary lives by proposing new ways in which water and cities can coexist: fountains become bathing pools, telephone booths are double as showers, basements as water reservoirs. Can we bring the sea to the city instead of moving citizens to the beach?

In parallel to this project we are exploring a similar notion of a mobile eden garden: a mini park that can move from city to city, exchanging flora and culture and unfolding a celebration of nature as it moves along.