(Transformation of workshop into creative studio; Madrid, Spain; 2007)

Studio Banana is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to creativity in its broadest sense. Studio kawamura-ganjavian were not only the designers of the space but also the founders of the platform. The project consisted in the transformation of a dilapidated print room in the basement of a 1960's residential building. 

The result is a luminous and generous space with multiple and flexible uses that is both the workplace of 35 young creative professionals and a catalyst of cultural activity in this part of Madrid. 

The multifaceted identity of Studio Banana, working environment, creative interchange environment and cultural debate environment, is expressed in its spatial organisation. The former garage ramp is turned into a staircase that also doubles as exhibition space and auditorium for events (conferences, debates and projections). The central space is a plaza for common use onto which the kitchen, the toilets and the meeting room open up. The 8 work-labs are located around the plaza.

photos: Ciszak-Dalmàs; Elena Almagro