(Proposal for an immaterial space; 2006; collaboration with Jorge Cano)

The common practice of architecture tends to prefer the definition of space through rigid and opaque limits that create the feeling of being “inside”. Can we overcome this strict paradigm? Our perception says that this is possible: a cloud, a valley filled up with fog, the smoke from a fireplace… also generate space but they are defined with fluid, not solid, limits.


The physical properties of matter in state of transformation between solid and gas (smoke, cloud, steam, fog, dust cloud…) guarantee the presence of suspended particles that can act as reflectors of a projected light. This is the basic architectural principle of SMOKE HOUSE: difused edges, semi-virtual walls, fragile membranes, non gravitational materials.

Like a primeval hut, SMOKE HOUSE does not intend to become a livable flat, but an intimate space fabricated with minimal material means, in this case smoke and laser light beams.