Slightly Urban - Inside Information

Chapter in the book Slightly Urban about Swiss artist Renate Buser.

Portilla-Kawamura, K. 2008, ‘Inside Information – Gedanken zur Arbeit von Renate Buser', in Kunsthaus Baselland (ed.), 'Renate Buser: Slightly Urban', catalogue, Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel, pp. 98-107 (ger/eng)

Asturegion - Territorial Lab

Introductory mini-essay about the project Asturegion - Territorial Lab. 2007-2008 (sp)

In collaboration with Brazilian philosopher-curator Nelson Brissac (Artecidade), under the auspicies of LABoral Centro de Arte.

IED - Aprendi(via)je

Chapter in the European Design Lab 07-08 Yearbook.

Portilla-Kawamura, K. & Ganjavian, A. 2007, ‘Aprendi(via)je’, European Design Labs 07, IED, Madrid, pp. 155-157 (sp)

World Grammar, vol. 1

Prototype of the first volume of World Grammar, an objectionary. 2008 (eng/sp).

In collaboration with Ricardo Almendros and Manuel Torres (graphic designers).

Artificially Deconstructed - Cabinet, cage, stage

Chapter in the book Artificially Deconstructed about Belgian artist Wesley Meuris.

Portilla-Kawamura, K. 2007, ‘Kabinet/kooi/podium’, 'Wesley Meuris: Artificially Deconstructed', catalogue, Galerie Annie Gentils, Antwerpen, pp. 20-23 (ned/eng)

Locutorio Colón

Book on the project Locutorio Colón.

Ganjavian, A.; Portilla-Kawamura, M. y K.; Yamaguchi, T.; 2007, 'Locutorio Colón', Fundación Telefónica, Madrid.

Calories - Polylumpious tetraflacidonticos

Article in Calories magazine.

Ganjavian, A., 2006, 'Polylumpious tetraflacidonticos’, Calories, New York (eng)

ARCO - habita(t)ciones

Article about art work by Belgian artist Wesley Meuris.

Portilla-Kawamura, K., 2005, ‘habita(t)ciones', in Martín Expósito, A. (ed.), 'Afinidades electivas', ARCO/IFEMA, Madrid, pp. 94-99 (sp/eng)

Architecture and Catastrophe

Article in Sublime art magazine.

Portilla-Kawamura, K. 2004, ‘Arquitectura y catástrofe, 3 cortas reflexiones’, Sublime, no. 14, pp. 78-81 (sp)

a-minima - Time Lapse

Article on the piece Time Lapse by Belgian-Mexican artist Francis Alÿs.

Portilla-Kawamura, K., 'Fields, topologies and surrender; on Time Lapse', in 'a-minima', no.6, Oviedo, 2004. pp. 76-80 (sp/eng)

Sublime - Wasternisation (1)

Article on Sublime art magazine by Ali Ganjavian.

Ganjavian, A., 'Wasternisation (1)', in 'Sublime', no. 13, Gijón, May 2004 (sp)

Sublime - Alai

Story for the series The new invisible cities in Sublime art magazine.

Portilla-Kawamura, K., 'Alai', in 'Sublime', no. 13, Gijón, May 2004 (sp)


Prototype of the book Wasternisation, on the effects of waste, contemporary life style and territory. 2004- (eng)

In collaboration with Corinne Nobel, Birgit Pfisterer and Matilda Saxow (graphic designers).

Arconoticias - On hybrids

Article about ARCO 04 fair space distribution.

Portilla-Kawamura, K. 2004, ‘On hybrids, vortexes, what was and what could have been’, ARCO special, Spring, pp. 48-49 (eng)

Quito, Retroactive Simulacrum

Final thesis project at Architectural Association. 2003 (eng)

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