(Contemporary art exhibition design; LABoral, Gijón; 2009-2010)

The exhibition When Process becomes Paradigm, curated by Susanne Jaschko and Lucas Evers, portrays art in development, flux and change.

The heterogeneous 25 participating artists were grouped under several broad thematic categories allocated to several spatial conglomerates that we call “clusters”. These clusters articulate the exhibition and follow a geometrical pattern inspired by cellular structures. They offer a supportive backdrop (hanging wall, illumination, projection surface, plinth…) to the art works catering to the specific requirements of each piece. The clusters also help in breaking down the large scale of the exhibition hall so that the art works do not feel dwarfed by the space that hosts them.

The flow of visitors is uncontrived, moving away from the conventional and inflexible corridor-and-gallery exhibition model. The interstitial space between the clusters subtly suggests a main thoroughfare from which all exhibition areas are accessed. This area is treated differently, with backlit honeycomb panels that echo the cellular geometry of the clusters. The carefully considered exact location and display of the art works adds a theatrical value to the visitors’ experience. The resulting space is a cloud-like atmosphere where the visitors move freely amongst the porous clusters that house the exhibits.