(Kiosk and landscape design competition; Madrid, Spain; 2008, collaboration with Ramiro Losada)

Parque de los Pinos is split in half by a historic aqueduct from the 19th century. This elongated landmark that should articulate the park is actually dividing it. The project consists of punctual interventions that reactivate the public life and give character to this inner city park.

Firstly a series of blocked arches are re-opened through a simple earth displacement operation, creating a new gateway into the park. Secondly a dilapidated open-air auditorium is re-landscaped covering it with greenery and wooden tiles making it softer and more appealing as a venue for cultural events. Thirdly a vaulted brick kiosk, housing a cafeteria and park management services, is built attached to an arched passage under the aqueduct, thus tapping into this historical umbilical cord and celebrating the connection between both sides of the park.