elop*6 final review at Stanford

We are proud to announce the final review of the elop*6 project which we co-lead. It will take place on 24th January 2014 at the Palo Alto City Council. Under the title "Crossroads-Crossfunctions" the 45 international and transdisciplinary participating students have developed a repertoire of visionary solutions for a 21st century research park located between Stanford University and Palo Alto, at the heart of Silicon Valley. We will be participating also at an experts event on 25h January on the theme of transdisciplinary collaboration kindly organised by Swissnex San Francisco.


We are proud to announce that our latest product is now launched on Kickstarter. KANGAROO LIGHT is a multipurpose playful, portable and flexible light. Its magical interactive glow and sleek design were conceived in collaboration with the Innovation Quarter at Bangor University (UK). The project can be backed via www.kickstarter.com until 30th June 2014.