Talk to Me exhibition at MoMA New York

kawamura-ganjavian are glad to announce their participation at the exhibition Talk to Me which took place at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. The show, curated by Paola Antonelli, elaborates on the theme of communication between people and objects.


kawamura-ganjavian presents PARRAMYD, a modular system thus, we can create a structure that guides the way a plant grows inside our homes and office enviroments.

ph. Alfonso Herranz



kawamura-ganjavian were invited to run a workshop during the Offdesign festival organized by CEU University. The workshop took place at the Gandía Blasco's Head Quarters in Valencia. The workshop explored the relationship between outdoors spaces and working enviroments.



ph. Borja García

Mabillon primary school

kawamura-ganjavian submitted their entry for a new primary school, sports hall, and afterschool in Monthey, Switzerland.


kawamura-ganjavian presents TRABLE, a collection of low stackable tables. Their colored bottom side projects a subtle tone to the one below.

ph. Alfonso Herranz


kawamura-ganjavian submitted their entry for a new school canteen, community hall and community archive in Carouge, Switzerland.

Boisbuchet Summer Workshops 2012

kawamura-ganjavian have been invited once again to be part of the Boisbuchet Summer Workshops Program 2012 organized by the Vitra Design Museum and Centre Pompidu. Our workshop, entitled "Slow Down Parasites" will enable experimentation in the idyllic Domain de Boisbouchet through appropriation, occupation and parasiting. Our goal will be to fabricate micro-environments which help boost the idle qualities of the domain.

Registrations are already open!

Pecha Kucha Night Bern

kawamura-ganjavian have been invited to present their work at a Pecha Kucha Night in Bern, Switzerland. The event will take place on 9th March 2012 at 20:20 at the Kornhaus event hall.

Sierre CFF complex

kawamura-ganjavian submitted their entry for a new complex at the CFF train station in Sierre, Switzerland. The project includes a bus station, a sports hall and a school.


MINI GIRAFFE is an unusual magazine rack. Its triangular profile allows the magazines to be stacked in a very intuitive way and helps mark our favourite page. Mini Giraffe disappears underneath the stack of paper as if it weren’t there.

ph. Alfonso Herranz

Design Thinking workshop at IE Business School

kawamura-ganjavian have lead a Design Thinking workshop entitled "Revolutionize your Space" within the International MBA course at the prestigious IE Business School in Madrid. The experimental session, which took place on 16th November 2011, consisted of a series of rapid prototyping exercises during which the students explored mini-architectural interventions in the space of the school.

TDW 2011

For the second year in a row kawamura-ganjavian have been present at the Tokyo Designers Week and Design Tide between 2nd and 9th november 2011, where we have had meetings with several companies innovating in the fields of product design, communication and architecture.

Lancy kindergarden 

kawamura-ganjavian submitted their entry for a new kindergarten in Lancy, Switzerland.

STICKINGSTICKS at London Designjunction

STICKINGSTICKS, the modular partition system designed by kawawamura-ganjavian and currently developed by Modus, has been used throughout the press office and VIP Suite at Designjunction during the London design Festival (17th-25th September 2011).

ph. Lizzie Parker

La Heitera Primary school extension

kawamura-ganjavian submitted their entry for a new primary school extension, in Fribourg, Switzerland.