(Multimedia exhibition; Zurich, Switzerland; 2003)

In October 2003 an exhibition about Electronic Music during the 1980’s and 1990’s was organised by Frederike Hansen in the Shedhalle gallery in Zürich. Due to the non-visual nature of the material on show (vinyl albums, CDs, videotapes, books), the display installation was going to become the most eye-catching aspect of the exhibition.


Using a few images as basic grammatical elements (the freight lorry in which the acoustic material arrived at the gallery, the fully interactive-fully technological exterior-interior faces of a mobile phone, the hyper personal space of sound-proof recording cabins and the landscapes of continuity of skate-parks) we combined them in a simple syntactic exercise. The result is a sliced-up prism made out of timber frames and stretched recycled lorry fabric. Each slice can slide in virtue of its wheels, thus revealing a gap through which the visitor can access the interior. A landscape of inflated and illuminated bouncy balls provided improvised seating to browse through the music and literature on display.