(Multifunctional centre; Ilanz, Switzerland; 2008- ; collaboration with Capaul & Blumenthal)

Ilanz is the administrative capital of the Surselva region located in the canton of Graubünden, in the middle of the Swiss Alps. With a 2.500 residents population and 2.600 jobs, it is a perfect example of a regional activity hub. However, it desperately misses an urban heart that gives the town a specific identity.

Marcau ("market" in Rhaeto Romanic language) is a multifunctional centre, a new piece of city, that combines train station and postal bus terminal, retail space, corporate office units, regional administration offices and parliament, music school, medical centre and apartments.

Its design consists of four solid buildings, parallel to the direction of the Rhine valley in which they are located. Their inward sloping roofs ressemble the glacial morains that are so characteristic of Alpine landscapes. In breaking down the large scale of the overall programme to four buildings the project integrates itself with the scale of the town.