(Single family house, Puerta de Hierro, Madrid, 2007-8; in collaboration with Pedro Quero)

We were approached by a young couple who needed an architect that would provide specific solutions to their particular family requirements and habits. This project is located in an affluent neighbourhood of Madrid but consciously tries to avoid a sumptuous attitude. 

Due to urbanistic restrictions the house has very litle volumetric envelope. In a plot of very reduced dimensions (154m2) and highly conditioned by the mandatory local planning façade set-backs, we propose a novel concept of distribution of domestic spaces.

The basement incorporates the daily life spaces (living room, dining room and kitchen) and receives natural illumination through a sunken cortyard. The ground floor has a bridge-access, a welcoming porche, a back garden with mini-swimming pool and in the interior of the house a space of flexible use (studio, library, guests bedroom). The first floor is dedicated to bedrooms and bathroom and opens up towards the morning sun.

The solid body of the house is rendered in rough plaster and the openings (windows sills, doors, porche) are clad in hand-made tiles, thus making the inside crop out like a fine crystal emerging out of a rough rock.