(Interactive light proposal; 2006; collaboration with Gerardo Fernández Espín)

Light as you move consists of an interactive light display. The main idea is that the light is generated by the user’s presence, while in his/her absence the room would just be an empty and dark box.

Using LED units and tactile sensors we propose a touch-sensitive light tray that clads the floor and reacts to pressure with light of varying intensity and duration. Like the trace of a comet, we would like to trace with light our itinerary in space. Thus, it is not a prospective light that illuminates our path but a retrospective one that signs in time our footsteps.

The touch-sensitive light panels are built as a sandwich with several layers: a tactile sensor display, a tray of LUMEX type light emitters assembled on top of an electronic base. The panels can be arranged easily in different dimensions and could become a marketed product with diverse applications: children games, emergency lighting in dark spaces…