(Children's home; Yverdon-les-bains, Switzerland; 2011; collaboration with ARUP)

The Fondation Petitmâitre hosts children and teenagers with no parents or in difficult family situations, therefore it is primarily a place that needs to provide security, trust and comfort. The project proposes to turn the existing early 20th c. building of the foundation into administrative and staff-related functions, while building two new homes for children and teenagers in a right-angle configuration. This, arrangement of the buildings creates an access court and a strategically located entrance point from where the different groups of users (mentors, staff, small children, teenagers) find their way to their respective spaces. The two homes, linked on their short ends like siamese brothers, consist of common rooms in a spatious and luminous ground floor and of individual rooms upstairs. The central garden, framed by the two new constructions, provides a lively recreational space at the heart of the complex.