(Secondary school extension; Aproz, Switzerland; 2nd prize in competition; 2010; collaboration with Christophe Fouad and ARUP)

The domestic rural scale of the surrounding constructions in the hamlet of Aproz, in the Alpine canton of Valais, informed the volumetric fragmentation of the proposal. The different parts of the programme were allocated to differentiated volumes that consequently integrate seamlessly into the scale of the surroundings. The buildings are placed in close vicinity to the perimeter of the reduced site in order to guarantee a single playground of decent dimensions. The two main buildings (school house and gymnastics/events hall) are linked between them and to the existing school by lower volumes. Thus the overall composition resembles a chain of concatenated beads. A new school entrance is suggested by creating a welcoming inward space in a corner of the playground. The new extension is fully built in local wood and follows the principles of low energy construction.