(Reflections on the utopian city; Madrid, Spain; 2008; collaboration with Studio Banana)

Studio Banana, of which kawamura-ganjavian are members, was selected by Intermediae-Matadero in Madrid to participate in the programme Alterpolis. The brief was to think about the utopian city in the 21st century and to materialise the thought onto a 3x3m. model.

Given the multiple and diverse professional disciplines and personal backgrounds of the Studio Banana members, it soon became evident the impossibility of agreeing upon one utopian vision of the city, but more rather a multiplicity of personal utopias.

Based on this, we decided to go out on the streets and gather people’s own personal utopias, thus making four audiovisual documentaries that reflect the complexity of the question and the richness of human nature.

The videos were shown in Matadero-Madrid inside the “cloud” installation which allows visitors to have their feet on the ground and their heads in the clouds, helping them dream on and imagine their own utopian cities.